Where do I start? I’ve always been good at writing papers nshit so this should be fun. Well while creating a bio i think to myself...

Who is Queen Key?

Whats is her purpose? Queen Key is... I could stop right there and that would be a complete sentence. I am. I literally am what I am, when I am, right now I’m creating.Who/what others want me to be never phased me, I always just ask God to guide me. I introduced myself to the world as a rapper seriously in 2015, and I been going ever since. Some of my most known songs would be baked as a pie, My Way, all of my freestyles/remixes, and ratchett. 

I’m from Chicago, IL but grew up in the south suburbs mostly. I moved a lot, I think over 10 houses. Music always finds its way to me. It’s how I communicate, it helps me feel. Lauryn Hill is a big influence in my life. I don’t think we share similar sound but as far as her being a positive influence in my life when I really need it, she is, her interviews, her music etc. I identify w/ how she feels in her musical career... i THINK. I like acting, I’m an actress, I’m a director in the making, I will soon have a lot to show for it.

I’m a Gemini. I’m not crazy. Lol. 5 siblings. Middle child. I got kicked out when I was 17. Lived with my cousin, s/o to Trece. I love my grandmas, Merry and Gerry. 1 nephew that I love s/o Noah. I didn’t grow up w/ someone in my family who’s a musical artist, or famous, etc. I kinda just know it’s my personal purpose and I feel like I’m gone change the world. I’m the founder of Queen Camp. My projects include your highness, beauty in a beast, your highness 2, Eat My pussy, and eat my pussy again. My other name is “Ke’Asha McClure” I don’t wanna put my age, That’s fake sexy lmao but my birthday is June 6th.

Anything else you wanna know?


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